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Reserve Your Monopoly Chiang Mai Edition

Discover the rich history, vibrant culture, and iconic landmarks that have established Chiang Mai as a globally renowned destination, all within this limited edition. The Chiang Mai Old Town Hotel proudly features on the board, making it the epicenter of this exciting adventure.

Now available for purchase at just THB 1,395, you can secure your copy for pick-up at either The Chiang Mai Old Town Hotel or The Chiang Mai Riverside Hotel. We also offer delivery options, with charges based on actual costs, for both domestic and international locations. Kindly provide your delivery address in the comment box, and we’ll promptly get in touch with you via email for payment processing.

Estimated shipping fees and delivery times to these destinations are outlined below:
  • Within Thailand: THB 55-100 (3 days)
  • Asia: THB 1,000-1,200 (3-4 weeks)
  • North America: THB 1,700-2,000 (3-4 weeks)
  • Australia and New Zealand: THB 1,400-1,600 (3-4 weeks)

Please provide the following information:

Monopoly – Chiang Mai Edition


Teddy Bear – Tony & Tina


The Chiang Mai – Cold Storage Mug


The Chiang Mai – Mug


The Chiang Mai – Jigsaw

(A4) 370.- / (A5) 300.-

The Chiang Mai – T-Shirt


The Chiang Mai – Coaster


The Chiang Mai – Bathrobe


The Chiang Mai – Diffuser


The Chiang Mai – Lotion


The Chiang Mai – Liquid Soap


The Chiang Mai – Folding Umbrella


The Vorra – Pillow     2,690.-
The Vorra – Pillowcase     440.-
The Vorra – Duvet Cover    3,590.-
The Vorra – Quilt Filling    2,590.
The Vorra – Bedsheet    1,690.-